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ECB vague promises

The ECB promised to buy Euro members debt.Well, It sound great.Unfortunately in the real world it means passing Euro members debt to the next generation.This include those that has not be born.The west including UK borrow every day with the hope to pay back when the economic grows unfortunately the expected grow economic has been move to China,US and Europe can't grow economic that is base on import from China.
Owner: Larry
Created on: 2 Aug 2012, 19:41
Last updated on: 2 Aug 2012, 19:44
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London olympics security shambles

Whom are the beneficiary of the Olympics game and why the British government worried about terrorist attack?, The beneficiary are the so call security experts that make up the threat of attack just to secure contract. (a) They never ask the government why do we live in fear of attack every day.(b) what have we done to those who want to attack us?.
These are the question security experts should be asking the government.The British people should be a shame of hosting the first militarized Olympics.  ...
Owner: Larry
Created on: 14 Jul 2012, 13:02
Last updated on: 14 Jul 2012, 13:51
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UK posponed 3p fuel duty increase

Unfortunately it will cost the UK government £550m.For those who understand economics this only highlight our fake economic model ."Counting chicken before they hatch" The government does not know how many factories will close down before the government generate the £550m from the proposed increase.with the £550m to come from the fuel duty increase the government can now borrow the £550m in advance to pay housing benefit and child credits while the bank of England governor is pumping money ...
Owner: Larry
Created on: 26 Jun 2012, 20:16
Last updated on: 2 Jul 2012, 22:49
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