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Ignoramus voters

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Who are ignoramus voters and why? 95% of so call democratic countries voters are ignoramus voters because they don't understand the present democratic system of government and how our economic has been run for the past twenty years by the so call elected politicians


The present system of democracy is divided into 2 (Co-operate policy and social contracts).Some people vote because they believed is their right and entitlement to vote. In theory yes and it end at the ballot box,If the voters are excluded from any decision or policy making after the ballot box.Then is not a democatic system of government.

Owner: Philips
Created on: 10 Oct 2012, 19:39
Last updated on: 6 Jun 2013, 21:05
87961 view(s), 10806315 impression(s)

Comments and more

Just beleive everthing the politicians tell you. Like one man one vote.Your participation and vote don't count just a barefaced lie.
Owner: Caroline
Created on: 21 Sep 2014, 20:02
Last updated on: 21 Sep 2014, 20:03

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