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UK NHS news

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NHS news, read about it. Do we need more money for our NHS? No, Because the NHS is a cash cow use by some health trust to enrich their selves and friends. Southern health trust have just created a new £240,000 a year imaginary post for their failed chief executive [Katrina percy] whom they suppose to sack with just one month pay.

It shows where the billions of pounds pump into the NHS goes and the corruption within the NHS trusts. If the junior doctors need more money or want to protest , They should take their protest to Southern health trust because they got millions of pounds to give away to their friends.
Author: Theo
Created on: 7 Sep 2016, 18:35
Last updated on: 21 Dec 2016, 18:25
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Comments and more

Nice one Theo. The tax payers need to wake up and look into the NHS and ask their selves one simple question. Where did the billions pound go. To trusts chief executives or patients?
Owner: Maxine
Created on: 7 Sep 2016, 19:07
Last updated on: 7 Sep 2016, 19:11

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