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Theresa May fake election

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This is how to abuse power through fake democracy.  The UK prime minister Theresa May call for general election because the opposition party is in met down.

Any democratic system of government that allow the prime minister or the  ruling party to call for election is fake, The election date should be set in law.

Last time I voted conservative because the last prime minister legislated the election date .Too many general election.This time I will not vote and I hope she lost the election. Good bye Mrs May

Owner: Augustus
Created on: 18 Apr 2017, 18:00
Last updated on: 18 Apr 2017, 19:04
3348 visitor(s), 1585041 impression(s)

Comments and more

Thank God. The gap between her party and labour party has half after another u turn. She also dismissed Jeremy corbyn suggestions "That foreign policies and unjust war are filling terrorism". 

Those who has been programme to believe everything politicians told them need to wake up to the real world. Terrorists are not attacking our way of  life as politicians and fake mainstream media like CNN,CBS,Sky news and BBC want you to believe. 

Terrorists are attacking us because of our foreign policies and unjust wars around the world. Is time to change the debate and ask why are we a target.
Owner: Jamela
Created on: 26 May 2017, 20:34
Last updated on: 26 May 2017, 20:41

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