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Going out! take mmtune messenger with you to capture every magical moments and share with friends. text, photos, videos chat and voice calls for free

Chat with your Gtalk friends here, 2 in 1 chatbox
It's free for every one to join, mmtune.com incorporate all social network features users needs to communicates with families,friends and businesses at all level.users search,notifications,screen sharing,whiteboard groups,blog posts,public media,private media,albums,geo-locations,tag lists,business page,articles and topics. Mmtune's messenger allow users to chat with friends while on the move,voice calls,One on one chat with colour emojis,video calls,share photos and videos,group chat with photos and videos. Do more than just a quick chat with friends online.With more than 3,000 characters allow,users can write a full story without words restriction or filter. Download mmtune messenger and experience chat like you have never before in real-time.Share your life magical moments with your friends.Mmtune messenger 3.5.0 iOS version from app store or Mmtune messenger 3.0 android version from Google play. no ads, just a secure real-time chat
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